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Friday, September 7, 2007

Aptech (New inclusion in F&O space)
Edelweiss Sec buys 2.2 lakh shares @ Rs 331/sh

Recent Fund Action:
Bear Sterns sells 5.98 lakh shares @ Rs 320.9/sh (1.39% stake) (Reduces Stake from 7.19% to 1.88% in 4 trading sessions)
Bear Sterns sold 2.62 lakh shares @ Rs 315.9/sh (0.6%stake) on 4th Aug
Bear Sterns sold 10 lakh shares @ Rs 312.5/sh (NSE/BSE) (2.32% stake) on 3rd Aug
Bear Sterns sold 4.5 lakh shares @ Rs 300.6/sh (NSE/BSE) (1% stake) on 31st Aug
Swiss Finance sold 4.83 lakh shares @ Rs 300.4/sh (1.1% stake) on 31st Aug

Jain Irrigation
Merrill Lynch Capital buys 28.4 lakh shares @ Rs 484/sh (4.36% stake)
Quantum sells 28.4 lakh shares @ Rs 484/sh (4.36% stake) (Sells off entire stake)

Shree Precoated Steels
Merrill Lynch Capital buys 23.3 lakh shares @ Rs 358.75/sh (3% stake)
Quantum sells 23.3 lakh shares @ Rs 358.75/sh (3% stake) (Sells of entire stake)

AmtekAuto-Roll Sett
Merrill Lynch Capital buys 21.58 lakh shares @ Rs 359.5/sh (1.65% stake)
Quantum M sells 21.58 lakh shares @ Rs 359.5/sh (1.65% stake) (Sells entire stake)
Recent Fund Action:
Capital Research and Mgmt bought 22.9 lakh shares @ Rs 406.10/sh on July 16th

Rico Auto
HDFC Core & Satellite sells 6.36 lakh shares @ Rs 34.4/sh

Capital Research-Small Cap World Fund buys 44.24 lakh shares @ Rs 399.7/sh (NSE/BSE) (3.4% stake)
CROWN CAPITAL sells 25.47 lakh shares @ Rs 400/sh (Reduces stake from 2.38 to 1.96%)

Unity Infra
Bear Sterns buys 1 lakh shares @ Rs 605/sh (0.7 % stake)
Pegasus Stock sells 1 lakh shares @ Rs 605/sh (0.7% stake)

Gokaldas Exp
DSP Merrill Lynch sells 2 lakh shares @ Rs 253/sh
Recent Fund Action:
Fid Funds Mauritius sold 4.25 lakh shares @ Rs 251/sh (1.24% stake) (Reduces stake from 5.6% to 4.36%) on 24th Aug
Prudential ICICI Trust bought 2 lakh shares @ Rs 243.75/sh on 2nd July

Goldstone Tech
ILFS Investmart PMS buys 1 lakh shares @ Rs 140/sh

Gulshan Poly
Prism Impex buys 39 thousand shares @ Rs 73.8/sh

Havells India
PCA India Infrastructure buys 3.2 lakh shares @ Rs 501/sh
Shine sells 5.5 lakh shares @ Rs 501.2/sh (1% stake) (Reduces stake from 1.71 to 0.71%)

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