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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Futures OI up Rs 2,232 Cr; Options OI up Rs 1,446 Cr; IFCI added 161 lakh shares in OI

Stock Futures added 7.5 crore shares in OI. Stock Futures have added nearly 18 crore shares in first 2 days of September series. Futures OI was up Rs 2,232 crore while Options OI was up Rs 1,446 crore. Nifty Futures added 6 lakh shares in OI and the discount was at 32-points. Nifty OI Put-Call ratio stood at 1.53 vs 1.45. Nifty Puts added 17 lakh shares in OI while Nifty Calls added 5.5 lakh shares in OI.

Nifty 4400 Put added 7.7 lakh shares in OI. Nifty 4400 Put now has OI of Rs 1,712 crore. Nifty 4300 Put added 3.7 lakh shares in OI; Nifty 4500 Call added 1.93 lakh shares in OI; Nifty 4600 Call added 1.93 lakh shares in OI.

Net buy by the FIIs in Nifty Futures were Rs 110.36 crore and the OI was up 4,634 contracts while Net buy in Nifty Options were Rs 235.74 crore and the OI was up 27,341 contracts. Net sell by the FIIs in Stock Futures were Rs 50.49 crore and the OI was up 10,604 contracts.

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